How to Choose Supplements


Supplementing your diet has become a necessity these days. Our food supply has been degraded by preservatives and chemicals, and our soil has been depleted of nutrients. In addition, our ability to absorb nutrients from food actually decreases as we age.

If you practice keto, my Glow15 program, or are very physically active, supplementation can support you in achieving your end goal. But I know that navigating the supplement world can be overwhelming, and just like with food, you must be careful about what you ingest or apply to your body.

When you review a supplement formula, there are two important qualities to look for. The first is trademarked, proprietary ingredients, which ensures traceability and consistency in the entire processing and manufacturing process. It’s the peace of mind that sources check out, best practices are met, and there’s strong science behind the testing. The second quality is that the ingredient is clinically proven in human research. This gives you a more accurate picture of the results it could offer.

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