Get Out of Your Own Way to Get Results


Often, it’s not so much the mental obstacles in our way of success but our own mentality that’s the problem. For example, you might think that things like your schedule, your children, your partner, your family history, or your own track record stand in the way of your success. While they all may present real and unimagined obstacles, the most challenging part about them is the way you think about them. If you think they are a problem, then guess what? They likely will be. But if you can talk to a friend, a coach or write in a journal to navigate ways to bypass these obstacles, soon enough they will lose their power and not feel as overwhelming as they currently do. That work schedule that doesn’t allow for exercise in the day will slowly reveal a window here or there where you can squeeze in 10 or 20 minutes. Yes, you may have to get up earlier, use a lunch break or walk instead of commute but with a little creativity you’ll soon see that there are only solutions, not problems!

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