Choose Sriracha Over Ketchup

No, ketchup still isn’t a vegetable! Most of us know that by now, but too many of us still use it to add flavor to our food. On the nutrient Richter scale, ketchup doesn’t even move the needle because of how much sugar and salt is packed into each bottle. Grab a bottle of sriracha sauce instead to spice up your next meal. Made with chili peppers, sriracha is similar in consistency to ketchup but is packed with many health benefits.

The peppers contain capsaicin, a compound that boosts metabolism and allows the body to burn calories faster.  While eating spicy foods, our body temperature rises which can improve circulation while working to get our heart pumping. This super sauce also helps with digestion by increasing the hydrochloric secretion of your stomach. Better breathing can also be achieved when eating hot peppers as they aid in opening clogged nasal passages. So, when you eat turn up the heat.

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