QVC: Wellness with Naomi premiers today!


Ever since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated with the healing ingredients our Earth holds within it, and the rituals of the world’s healthiest cultures. As I endured my own health challenges, it became clear to me that there was so much to discover in our world: and The Wellness Explorer was born. So I set out on my expedition, with the hope that I can bring them back to you.

My journey began in the South of France—where I studied the French Paradox. My curiosity led me to study at the University of Bordeaux, where I discovered the power of bioactive trans-resveratrol from the seeds, stems, and skins of red wine grapes. Knowing that trans-resveratrol could change lives for so many back home, I cultivated partnerships with these leading scientists and the vineyards themselves–this would eventually revolutionize the anti-aging category. I became the first to bring resveratrol to the marketplace as a nutritional supplement and it remains as a breakthrough wellness ingredient today.

Since then, I’ve slept in the huts of the Guna People of Coastal Panama while studying their ritual worship of cacao. I’ve explored the wet markets of Beijing to learn how and why Chinese women have ingested collagen for beauty benefits for hundreds of years. I’ve visited the spice markets of India to learn about the healing powers of turmeric, and in the orchards of Calabria, I learned how bergamot can be one of our most powerful heart-health ingredients. From Alaska to Okinawa, my travels have led me from the corners of the Earth straight to the sources of the purest ingredients. Along the way, we’ve created transformational fair trade partnerships in the spirit of sustainability.

Through all of my travels, and my day-to-day life as a busy working woman, wife, and mother, I have had to seek out the best possible ways to maximize my health and vitality in the least amount of time. What I’ve learned to be true: the smallest changes can make a world of impact. And working closely with my team of world-renowned scientists, I am proud to say that each and everyday, we unlock the key to breakthroughs that will improve YOUR everyday life.

I want to share this all with you as we take this trip together at and on my new show, Discover Wellness with Naomi, debuting on QVC today at 1pm EST.

These discoveries will help you thrive, not just survive. So come—let’s glow!

Naomi Whittel on QVC