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Meet Powerphenols

I’ve coined a new term “Powerphenols” because plant polyphenols have age-defying and health-enhancing properties which warrant a special name to indicate the profound impact they have on our health, and I want you to remember them.

You get polyphenols in your diet by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, from foods like blueberries to flax, cocoa and red wine, onions, and rosemary and by taking specific supplements, you can read more about these botanical allies here.

Powerphenols, Another Way to Enjoy Their Benefits

In addition to ingesting Powerphenols, you can harness their power by applying them topically. You use them to help to repair damage and restore elasticity to prematurely aging skin.

A growing body of evidence shows resveratrol and EGCG can both slow skin aging when applied topically. According to the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, researchers found that topical resveratrol possesses seventeen-fold greater antioxidant potency than an expensive and powerful drug used in some anti-wrinkle creams.  The Archives of  Dermatological  Research  Journal showed the polyphenolic compounds present in green tea, including EGCG, also provide natural anti-inflammatory effects to  the skin.  When applied topically, these compounds  help address  many different  inflammatory conditions of the skin, including acne, dermatitis, and rosacea.

This DIY Powerphenol treatment is one of my favorite ways to combat redness from rashes to blemishes and even eczema.

Green or black tea bags

  1. Fill a cup with warm water  (a  mix of  2  parts hot  water to  1 part cold water works best).
  2. Dip the tea bag  into the  water and  let it  steep for  a  few minutes. (Polyphenols like the EGCG and bergamot found in the green and Earl Gray teas, respectively, are more potent together, so feel free to combine them for added youth-boosting benefits.)
  3. When the water is dark, take the tea bag out and dab some of the water onto any red spots. Repeat this for a few minutes; the tea will dry quickly, so feel free to use a lot of the water.
  4. Leave the tea on — don’t wash it off right away!
  5. Upon waking in the morning, rinse off any tea residue.  You should notice firmer, softer skin and a reduction in your spots and any red marks.

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