Renowned "Wellness Warrior" Naomi Whittel Reveals...

The West African Spice Breaks the Stress-Weight Gain Cycle

Stress Can Make You Gain 15 Pounds or More In Just Three Months
Now You Can Lose It Just As Fast—Without Dieting

Your hands were already full with your job…your family…your relationships…your responsibilities.

Life was stressful enough... then 2020 happened, piling on huge new layers of anxiety.

And then, as if this isn’t bad enough, before you know it, you’ve put on an extra 5, 10, 15 pounds or more of unwanted and unhealthy weight.

You see it on our hips and belly. Your clothes are tighter. You may have gotten to the point that you avoid the bathroom scale altogether. It’s become just one more worry to add to your daily stress level!

You might be tempted to try one of those trendy diet pills and food plans you see flooding the airwaves. But here’s my advice: please don’t.

They’re expensive, they’re not healthy, and they don’t work. That’s because they don’t do anything to address this #1 hidden cause of weight gain...stress!

But fortunately you can now easily, naturally and safely lose the feeling of anxiety along with the unwanted pounds and inches.

And it has nothing to do with counting carbs or calories, or depriving yourself of normal meals and the foods you love.

Please keep reading to learn the remarkable details about three, all-natural botanicals that have been scientifically proven to reduce the feelings of stress by 69% while promoting healthy weight loss – an average of nearly 14 pounds in just 8 weeks.**

Our World Has Changed But Your Body's Response to Stress Hasn't

I’m Naomi Whittel, a natural health advocate and New York Times bestselling author with an insatiable curiosity for the healing power of nature. I’ve spent over two decades traveling the world to find the most effective natural solutions to the most common health and wellness problems.

My good friend Dr. Sanjay Gupta calls me a “wellness warrior” because of my passionate commitment to finding these health-improving breakthroughs and bringing them to you.

And today I have some news that I can’t wait to share with you.

First let me tell you: If you’ve put on weight dealing with the shutdowns…the social isolation…working and educating your kids from home…and just trying to keep 101 loose-ends tied together—it’s not your fault.

According to recent surveys conducted by the American Institute of Stress, the vast majority of American adults are feeling stressed on a daily basis right now. And this chronic stress can adversely impact your overall well-being in a variety of ways – including packing on a few extra unhealthy pounds.

“Life has been disrupted in a major way,” says Dr. Artur Viana, M.D. in a recent issue of Yale Medicine, and “all this stress can affect weight.” His Yale colleague Dr. John Morton confirms: “You can put on 30 pounds really quickly—in as few as three months.” *

Stress often causes us to seek comfort in food. Worse, it causes metabolic changes that signal your body to store fat instead of burning it.

This evolved from way back in our hunter-gatherer days when events like drought were a matter of life or death. Talk about stress—survival depended on storing all the fat possible to weather the crisis.

And, today, while our world has changed, our body’s response to stress hasn’t. As Dr. Morton explains, “When you’re stressed, your body will sense it, and it will not give up any calories when it thinks it might need them.” *

They Go Right to Your Hips and Belly Instead

The more stress you experience, the more you may also crave “comfort foods” high in sugar and unhealthy fats that your body will pack on to your mid-section. It’s that same survival mode at work.*  

And that’s a problem – because today’s stressful circumstances aren’t going away any time soon.  Our lives will continue to be “disrupted” for some time to come.

But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the extra fat around your belly and hips. And that’s the good news, because you can stop this “stress-fat” cycle with flip-the-switch ease with a fresh new approach to stress management and weight loss.

Stress Cycle

The BETTER Way to Banish Pounds & Inches And Boost Your Health at the Same Time

Since chronic stress is so often a root cause of weight gain, my proven approach starts with the best stress-buster in all of nature. Just imagine casting aside that overwhelmed feeling with this safe and natural botanical which has been scientifically shown to…*

✓ Lower stress symptoms by 69%

✓ Improve sleep by 70%

✓ Reduce fatigue symptoms by 53%

It’s called Sensoril® and it’s the world’s most potent form of ashwagandha, a revered herb in India’s traditional Ayurvedic medicine that’s been used for its ability to gently bring on a sense of calm for nearly 6,000 years.*

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, a plant that allows your body to adapt to stresses of all kinds.

Modern science shows that Ashwagandha works so well promoting rejuvenation because of its unique compounds that include withanolide glycosides, oligosaccharides, and withaferin A.*

That may be a mouthful to pronounce, but simply put, Sensoril® features the highest levels of these stress-easing bio-actives among all ashwagandha available today. That’s why 10 human clinical trials have consistently demonstrated Sensoril’s superior performance over other forms.

Indeed, studies found that Sensoril® significantly reduced levels of the “stress hormone” cortisol—by up to 24%! **

That really drives home the point. You can’t fool a blood test.

And reducing blood cortisol levels by 24% can make a huge difference in how you feel, with study participants reporting a 69% reduction in the stress symptoms of irritability, anxiety and sleeplessness.

And given what we know about stress’s effect on metabolism, Sensoril® is a great first step to shifting your body from “fat-storing” mode to a much healthier “fat-burning” mode.

And once you get the feelings of stress under control, this next ingredient can work even more impressively to help you lose pounds and inches.

It’s a powerful metabolic-health booster called GloSlim and it is…

The Best Kept Secret in the World of Natural Weight Loss

GloSlim™ is an extract of a fruit called Dichrostachys glomerata (DG). In its native West Africa, this “superfruit” is dried and ground into a powder for use as a culinary spice and medicinal herb.

DG provides the signature flavor to a traditional West African soup called “Nah po,” which has long been a dietary staple in Cameroon and neighboring countries.*

In this way, it reminds me of another medicinal spice you likely already know—turmeric—that’s as famous today for its inflammation-fighting power as it is for its flavor.

Likewise, DG does for weight control what turmeric does for inflammation. And does this in the form of GloSlim™—the world’s premier DG extract.

Scientifically Proven: Study Participants Lost Nearly 14 Pounds in Just 8 Weeks— Without Changing Their
Diet or Exercise!

In multiple studies, scientists discovered how DG’s high levels of metabolism-boosting antioxidants promoted both healthy blood sugar metabolism and weight loss.***

GloSlim packs these polyphenol bio-actives into a highly concentrated extract that does your health and your body a world of good.

One study demonstrated its ability to fire up metabolism into a fat-burning machine. In this gold-standard, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with all participants having a body mass index (BMI) of 25-30 (overweight but not obese), one group was given GloSlim before lunch and dinner and the other group received a placebo.

No changes in their diet or exercise routine were required—yet after 8 weeks, the results were impossible to ignore.

You Could Literally See the Difference!

Study participants taking GloSlim™ on average:*

✓ Lost 13.8 pounds—nearly 2 pounds per week

✓ Trimmed 1.5 inches off their waist and 1.7 inches off their hips

✓ Reduced overall body fat by a very healthful 14.3%

The researchers were thorough. They looked at other aspects of metabolic health as well—and that’s when they hit a second jackpot .

Their before-and-after testing revealed GloSlim’s additional ability to promote remarkable improvements in blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels:*

✓ 13% lower “bad” LDL cholesterol

✓ 4% higher “good” HDL cholesterol

✓ 17% lower harmful triglycerides

As you can see, the overall health benefits that GloSlim promotes make it nothing like a typical diet pill!

And there is one more incredible ingredient that I want you to know about that will help you break the downward “stress-fat” cycle.

It’s an Endurance-Builder
with a Surprise Twist

Rhodiola rosea, also known as “golden root,” is a remarkable plant that grows at high altitudes in the Siberian mountains where it thrives in the famously harsh polar environment.

Locals say rhodiola transfers its own robustness to the people who take it, making 60-year-olds feel like 40-year-olds again. 

Science says it boosts your response to the mood-lifting brain chemicals, dopamine and serotonin, which help keep you on an even keel.*

The Russian government studied rhodiola so extensively that it became a secret stamina-booster - giving Soviet athletes a powerful edge in world-class competitions.

And that’s when scientists discovered another amazing power of this nutrient…

It Helps Burn Stubborn Fat

They discovered how rhodiola contains a phytonutrient called rosavin that helps trigger the fat-burning response.*

It stimulates hormone-sensitive lipase, an enzyme that breaks down visceral fat tissue that becomes unsightly and unhealthy when it builds up in the belly.

How well can it work?

According to a University of Massachusetts researcher, this fatty tissue breakdown accelerates when rhodiola is combined with moderate exercise. He cites clinical studies showing how rhodiola and exercise together produced “significant” weight loss.*

So, if you want to speed up your weight loss and get rid of those love handles, now you know another secret to making it happen.

Premium-Quality Botanicals for Results That People Will Notice!

I recommend RhodioLife® for rhodiola rosea because it’s 100% genuine Siberian Golden Root, grown in the high mountains of Siberia imbuing it with the traits that make rhodiola famous.

It’s traceable from soil to shelf, assuring its authenticity, quality, and performance, and that’s a far cry from most rhodiola rosea sold today which is often sourced from China.

And that brings me to an important point I can’t emphasize enough.

I recommend only the best, well-sourced botanicals to help you achieve your health goals.

You want to know where your plant extracts come from…who produced them…and who stands behind them.

Sensoril®, GloSlim™, and Rhodiolife® all pass this test.

You can be sure you’re getting superior-quality extracts produced using the purest extraction processes available.

So where can you find all three? You can buy them separately if you choose, but it would cost a small fortune, and you’d be taking four or more pills each day. That’s not convenient.

Then there’s the question of dosage – you need research-based doses of all three of these nutrients to get the results you are looking for.

And since I couldn’t find a supplement containing full research doses of Sensoril®, GloSlim™, and Rhodiolife® together anywhere, I created my own formula…

It’s called NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit™ — The Perfect Blend Of These Stress-Reducing “Weight Wellness” Superstars

Like you, I’ve had my share of stress this year trying to run my business while managing the education of my four children under these difficult circumstances. I can’t do it unless my health, mental well-being, and energy are at their peak every day.

I’ve been involved in the nutritional supplement world for more than 20 years. Prevention magazine named me “a leading innovator in the natural products industry.”  

Indeed, I’ve developed over 300 natural wellness formulas, and I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t from decades of research and first-hand experience.

My goal has always been to provide premium-quality supplements at affordable prices, and NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit is a perfect example. It’s a superior solution for the times we live in.

Other brands cut corners by using generic forms of herbs. You’ll see that for yourself when you look around.

But a word to the wise—these generics are often inferior-grade, diluted, and even substituted with undisclosed ingredients, according to the American Botanical Council.* There is a good chance you’re not getting what you’re paying for.

I encourage you to do your own research and when you do, you’ll see why NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit is absolutely your best option to reclaim the figure and health you so richly deserve.

Try NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit today with our limited-time offer of Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off + Free U.S. Shipping. No coupon needed.

Here are six reasons why NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit is superior:

1. Eases Feelings of Stress:
You get the purest, most-potent stress-easing herbs with a full 250 mg of my proprietary Stress Adapt blend featuring Sensoril® and RhodioLife®. These patented forms of Ashwagandha and Rhodiola have been scientifically shown to reduce feelings of stress by 69% while triggering fat burning.

2. Lose Pounds and Inches:
With 300 mg of GloSlim™ in every daily serving, you get the same premium-grade DG that produced remarkable weight-management and metabolic-health results in the gold-standard clinical study I mentioned above – an average of nearly 14 pounds lost in just 8 weeks.

3. Burn Fat and Tone Muscle:
Enhanced with OciBest® Holy Basil, a botanical which has been revered in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and has been scientifically shown to stimulate irisin, the fat-burning hormone inside your body. According to scientists at the University of Florida, it helps convert calorie-storing white fat cells into energy-providing brown fat cells. In other words, it tells your body to use calories for energy instead of storing them as fat.*

4. Quality You Can Trust:
Product purity is always my promise to you. Each ingredient is carefully sourced from soil to capsule and produced with state-of-the-art extraction processes. NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit is manufactured here in the U.S.A in an FDA-regulated facility.

5. Safe, Natural, and Effective:
Each ingredient has a long history of traditional use around the world, and modern science has demonstrated their effectiveness and overall safety.

6. Risk Free and Ships for Free:
NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit is not available in stores but it ships for free and comes with an amazing 365-day guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can return it anytime within one year of purchase for a full refund. It’s as simple as that!

See for Yourself Risk Free with Our
365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit is an easy, natural way back to the calm, centered, and trimmer person you were always meant to be. This “season of stress” will be no match for you!

But I want to make sure that you give these extraordinary nutrients enough time to build up in your body to beneficial levels. Based on scientific research, it should take about 2 months to achieve noticeable improvement, and then the results will get even better with continued use.

When you see and feel NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit working at its best:

…Your “quarantine pounds” will quickly melt away, even with your normal diet…

…Those extra inches will disappear from your belly, waist, hips, and thighs…

…You’ll feel calmer and stronger as your mood and energy soar…

…You’ll achieve healthier blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels…

…You’ll think more clearly and your concentration will improve…

And best of all—it won’t be a struggle. It’s so easy!

You’ll even look forward to stepping on the bathroom scale again.

To make sure you give yourself enough time to see and feel the impact, today you can take advantage of a special offer – buy 1 bottle of NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit (a 1-month supply) and get a second bottle for 50% off. Plus your entire order ships for free.

Try NAOMI GloSlim SpiceFruit Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING

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