Good Fats: Cranberry Glazed Turkey with Mushrooms


This recipe is great with your holiday turkey leftovers or with fresh turkey anytime of the year. (If using your leftovers, simply skip the steps below instructing you to cook the turkey). Lucious cream soaked turkey, perfectly topped with a sweet glaze reminiscent of the fall flavors we love, will have your family fighting over who gets to take the Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch!

Cranberries are a very low glycemic yet high antioxidant tart berry that complements the slightly sweet glaze in this recipe. Use a high – heat oil like tea seed or avocado oil for searing the turkey so you don’t oxidize the fat in both the oil and turkey skin.

This dish capitalizes on the gift that properly prepared fats provide our taste buds so enjoy this healthy and festive recipe. It’s so decadently delicious that it may even replace your roast turkey tradition!


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