DIY Nourishing Body Cream for Eczema


I know just how important it is to nourish your body when dealing with any skin inflammation like eczema.  The red, itchy and painful spots on the skin can be matched by the low self-esteem and emotional pain you may experience.  I’m proof that you can get to the bottom of your eczema, after having dealt with (and transformed) the physical and emotional pain of it for years.  When the systemic imbalances are addressed, the body reflects this with glowing, healthy beautiful skin.

These non-toxic ingredients produce a 100% natural cream to nourish and heal your skin.  The tea seed oil provides ample polyphenols to quell the inflammation and support autophagy.  The shea butter and beeswax act as a lipid barrier that helps inflamed skin retain moisture, without sealing it in.  Aloe vera soothes dry, irritated and inflamed skin. Look for brands that contain 100% pure aloe vera juice, without preservatives.  The addition of lavender provides additional anti-inflammatory properties while offering a lovely mild floral aroma.

A benefit of making your own DIY body care products is that you’ll be nourishing your skin with nutrient-rich ingredients that soothe and protect your skin, and you’ll be avoiding toxic chemicals that slow your autophagy, contribute to inflammation and aging.  The shelf life of DIY skin care products that have water or liquid—like aloe vera, is significantly reduced.  This cream is best stored in the fridge to prevent mold or bacterial growth and used within one week to ten days.  You can scoop out what you’ll need for a couple of days into a small jar. If you find this recipe makes more than you can use, cut the recipe in half, or even better give some to a friend and share the health benefits of homemade body care products without harmful toxins.  


(Use a clean spoon to scoop some lotion out of the jar before applying to prevent bacteria from your hands contaminating the lotion.)


1/2 cup tea seed oil

1/4 cup shea butter

3 teaspoons beeswax pastilles

10 drops lavender essential oil

1/2 cup aloe vera juice


Place the tea seed oil, shea butter and beeswax pastilles in a double boiler, or heatproof glass jar and place jar in a pan filled with a couple inches of water.  Bring the water to a gentle boil and stir the mixture with the end of a wooden spoon or chopstick. Heat just until melted.

Carefully remove a jar from pan and place in the fridge for 10 minutes to cool down mixture.  Add essential oil.

Put aloe vera juice in a blender.  Turn on high and remove the small centerpiece of the blender top.  Very slowly pour the oil mixture in. Blend for about 30 seconds or until the oil and liquid has emulsified into a creamy lotion.  Transfer to a glass jar for storage.

Clean-Up Tip:

Do your best to remove all of the cream from your blender using a silicone spatula.  Soak your used equipment in hot soapy water before cleaning.