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NAOMI Organic Astaxanthin

Nature's Wrinkle-erasing Antioxidant

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We bring you the most nourishing astaxanthin on earth, made with organic microalgae from the Arava Desert. It delivers a full, research-based dose of 12 mg of organic astaxanthin—that’s triple the dose of many popular astaxanthin formulas. Add this powerful antioxidant (just one capsule a day) to your skincare routine!

What It Does

  • Reduces skin dryness and wrinkles*
  • Helps increase skin elasticity*
  • Locks in hydration*
  • Counters the effects of sun induced damage*
  • Reduces age spots*

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Sandy Timpe
Sun protection. I started taking Astaxanthin about 2 months ago, to prepare for a trip to Florida. I am careful about sun protection since a have had a malignant melanoma. I can say that I am definitely experiencing the protection of the damaging effects of the sun.

Moni Z
Feel Great. I love the Organic Astaxanthin. I can see a difference in my skin, hair and feel better overall. I take this after I workout in the morning to help with recovery as well. This will be in my wellness toolkit for a long time. Thank you, Naomi!

Bo DeBoer
Think I ordered another bottle...loved it...noticed fine wrinkles disappear...will keep using. Thanks 😊👍

Karen Fleeger
Great product, easy to swallow, and for a bottle of 12 mg capsules, this is an outstanding price. I will definitely be ordering again!

Robin Sebring
5 stars from me! This is a great product and the customer service is excellent, thank you!

Lynn Maziarski
Good Stuff. We really like this product.

S Baser
A must try! 

J T Noseworthy
Fabulous product!! I’m really impressed. Will be buying a supply today for my Auntie.

Sharon Paul
Love It. 

Christina Shafer
Great product. I have been reading about this product for a while. I was using it in a cosmetic creme a few years ago and noticed how amazing it made my skin. So I decided to try it internally for better results. It's only been a few weeks but I am excited to give this a good try!!

Carlin Bloom
Excellent Product!

Rebecca Steinbrecher
This really Works! Love it !!!

Why is astaxanthin more powerful than other antioxidants?
Astaxanthin is especially effective at squelching singlet oxygen, a particularly dangerous free radical that can damage nearly every part of the body. In this regard, astaxanthin has been scientifically shown to be:*

  • 40 times stronger than beta-carotene
  • 100 times stronger than vitamin E
  • 550 times stronger than green tea (ECGC)
  • 800 times stronger than CoQ10
  • 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C

Why take an extra-strength 12 mg dose?
While some research indicates the benefits of astaxanthin can start with doses as low as 4 mg per day, additional studies show that 12 mg of astaxanthin (3X the minimum dose in most other brands) supports a much broader array of health benefits including promoting optimal heart and brain health, reducing joint and muscle pain, supporting the immune system and rejuvenating the look and feel of skin.*

When is it best to take astaxanthin?
You can take astaxanthin any time of day, but because it’s both water and fat soluble, it absorbs into your body better when you take it along with food.*

Why is organic astaxathin better?
Typically, astaxanthin is derived from ocean microalgae, but with all of the toxins being dumped into our oceans these days, this source of astaxanthin simply doesn’t make the grade. To avoid this, we scoured the globe for the purest, most potent astaxanthin available, and uncovered organically grown astaxanthin in the hot dry climate of the remote Arava Desert in Israel. Lab tests verify that the organic astaxanthin from the Arava Desert contains particularly high levels of the active compounds that make it such a powerful antioxidant. And because this organic astaxanthin is sourced in the desert, it has no shellfish or other contaminants that can be found in ocean sourced astaxanthin.*

How long does astaxanthin take to work?
Unlike most antioxidants, astaxanthin is both fat and water-soluble, so it can reach all parts of the cell and get to work almost immediately fighting free radicals and promoting good health. Many clinical research studies on astaxanthin have shown significant health benefits at the 4 week measurement point and even stronger improvements after 8 to 12 weeks.*

42 Human Clinical Studies

Neutralizes the damaging “rusting out” process caused singlet oxidation. 

Skin Health
7 Human Clinical Studies

Protects from damaging UV rays, dryness and premature aging.

Organic Microalgae from the Desert
Typically, astaxanthin is derived from ocean microalgae, but with all of the toxins being dumped into our oceans these days, this source of astaxanthin simply doesn’t make the grade for my strict standards for purity and potency. Sadly, more than 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year—that’s a garbage truck of plastic going into the ocean every minute. And the microfibers created by this dumped plastic are absorbed in the algae, and in turn become food for the fish that you and I consume.

No wonder a recent investigative report concluded that on average, we consume a credit card’s weight in plastic each week through hidden sources of foods and other consumables that are contaminated with plastic.* To avoid this, Naomi Whittel scoured the globe for the purest, most potent astaxanthin available, and you’ll never guess where she discovered organically grown astaxanthin—in the remote Arava Desert of Israel.

It turns out that the hot desert climate of the Arava is perfect for cultivating organic, clean label, non-GMO astaxanthin. And it’s not only pure… it’s more powerful. Lab tests verify that astaxanthin from the Arava Desert contains a particularly high level of the active compounds that make it such a powerful antioxidant.

Extra Strength 12 mg Dose
NAOMI Organic Astaxanthin contains 300% more astaxanthin per serving than most other astaxanthin supplements. Research shows that the only way to get the high levels of astaxanthin shown to provide the full range of remarkable health benefits is to take a supplement that provides 12 mg of astaxanthin daily. The typical 4 mg dose is just not enough to get the benefits you are looking for.

Take one veggie capsule daily.

Whole—body Wellness