NAOMI Mediterranean Fat Burner

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Lose up to 2 pant sizes and 10% body fat in 12 weeks with a powerful formula designed to burn harmful mid-section fat. Inspired by the fat-burning Mediterranean diet, this formula features a scientifically backed blend of extracts – combining grapefruit, blood orange and sweet orange extracts with energizing guarana seed extract. Altogether they empower your body to break down stored fat deposits, especially around the abdomen, to help improve body composition, support heart health and maintain balanced blood sugar levels.*  

What It Does: 

  • Improves body composition and shape*
  • Decreases mid-section fat, including belly fat*
  • Reduces percentage of body fat*
  • Promotes a healthy heart*
  • Supports balanced blood sugar levels*

Backed by 10 years of research and gold standard clinical studies, this proprietary blend of citrus fruits extracts and guarana seed extract helps shrink unhealthy mid-section fat.

Your mid-section stores a type of body fat called white adipose tissue (“white fat”) which has been scientifically shown to threaten your health when it accumulates. Brown adipose tissue (“brown fat” or “thin fat”), on the other hand, is good for your health and waistline. With its concentration of energy-producing mitochondria, these “thin fat” cells have the ability to transform fat-storing white fat into fat-burning brown fat. 

Mediterranean Fat Burner directly targets dangerous white fat by encouraging fat breakdown and increasing the amount of energy and fat you burn every day.  

In the right ratios, the combination of grapefruit, blood orange, sweet orange and guarana seed extracts can act as copycats of the Mediterranean diet. By targeting belly fat, managing weight and helping to balance blood sugar levels, it can also support a healthy heart.

Clinical studies on Mediterranean Fat Burner reveal a powerful solution for shrinking belly fat and controlling weight in 12 weeks:

  • Lose up to 2 pant sizes  
  • Increase fat-to-energy conversion by 329%
  • Decrease body fat percentage by 9.73%
  • Melt 2.5 pounds of unhealthy body fat  
  • Significantly improve hip-to-waist ratio
Naomi W. Your wellness explorer

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Science-backed ingredients inspired by the Mediterranean diet

The right ingredients, ratios and dosage clinically shown to burn fat and boost metabolism.

Naomi W. Your wellness explorer

Citrus Flavones

Potent, slimming compounds from grapefruit, blood orange and sweet orange promote the breakdown of fat storage, especially in the mid-section.*

Naomi W. Your wellness explorer


Pure, low-dose caffeine from the seed of the guarana fruit provides energy while enhancing the slimming power of citrus compounds.*


Frequently Asked Questions

How is NAOMI Mediterranean Fat Burner different from other weight-loss products?

This formula works by targeting white adipose tissue, the dangerous type of body fat that accumulates in the belly as well as hips and thighs, and contributes to an unhealthy body composition. 

The fat-burning power of our blend of citrus flavones from grapefruit, blood orange and sweet orange is further enhanced with guarana seed compounds. Altogether they work with your body to convert white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue to release excess fat accumulation from your problem areas.

Do I have to follow the Mediterranean diet or another diet or exercise regimen when taking Mediterranean Fat Burner?

No, you do not have to follow a specific eating or exercise regimen. While the ingredients can emulate the effects of the Mediterranean diet by targeting abdominal fat storage, you can enjoy additional benefits by combining this formula with a moderate calorie diet along with 30 minutes of daily physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

What is the proprietary blend featured in this formula?

Every daily serving of Mediterranean Fat Burner delivers the clinically researched 900 mg dose of our proprietary fruit extract blend containing grapefruit, blood orange, sweet orange and guarana seed. 

This powerful fat-burning blend contains concentrated citrus and low-dose caffeine. If you have trouble tolerating acidic foods, you may want to take your daily formula with food to experience the benefits without discomfort.

How long does it take for Mediterranean Fat Burner to work?

As with any supplement, it takes time for the active compounds in the formula to accumulate and start breaking down fat storage. According to double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, you should experience measurable benefits after 12 weeks with daily use. But you may feel improvements such as more energy and looser-fitting clothing even sooner.

Does NAOMI Mediterranean Fat Burner contain caffeine?

Yes, NAOMI Mediterranean Fat Burner contains caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, do not take in the evening as this product contains a small amount of natural caffeine (18 mg per capsule).

What exactly is "Nuflow Complex" on the ingredient list?

Nu-FLOW® offers producers an option to replace synthetics or other anti-caking agents including SiO2, tri-calcium phosphate, or talc with a natural or certified organic ingredient. Using 'rice hulls’ gives a clean, consumer-friendly product while also solving anti-caking, flow and other manufacturing and/or production challenges. The unique functionality comes from the causes that rice plant to take up silica from the soil and concentrate it in the hulls of the rice. Thereby producing a natural alternative to silicon dioxide or other anti-caking/flow agents.


Customer Reviews

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Works well

This product definitely helps you toner-configure and works over time. Nothin quickly but is effective.

Yonne Moniz

Mediterranean Fat Burner

Nancy Woods

Mediterranean Fat Burner

Happy with product

I have been taking for 2 months along with Go Slim Stress Adapt - I can tell a difference and I feel so much better! I am watching what I eat and do water aeorbics three times a week, but very happy with all Naomi products

Janice Withers

It is quite effective