Having Trouble Sleeping?

Harvard and MIT research reveals how to fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed

If you or someone you love are among the nearly 50% of American adults who consider themselves a problem sleeper – those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at least 2x per week – you know all too well just how frustrating and debilitating this can be.*

And the consequences of this sleep deprivation go well beyond the endless tossing and turning and discomfort of dragging yourself through the next day.

New research reveals how ongoing sleep issues can lead to serious health problems.

Indeed, clinical studies show that chronic sleep issues can: **

  • Leave you foggy-headed and forgetful—which can impair your decision-making ability
  • Increase your risk for cardiovascular problems including unhealthy blood pressure levels
  • Lead to mood swings and feelings of anxiety and unhappiness
  • Leave you prone to accidents like tripping and falling  
  • Weaken your immune system
  • Contribute to comfort eating and weight gain

Simply put: Getting restful sleep night after night is vitally important to your overall health and wellness.

Fall Asleep Fast and Wake Up Refreshed

Imagine if you could simply close your eyes tonight, relax and drift off to sleep within minutes of your head touching the pillow. And remain in a deep sleep all night long!

And imagine that every night is like this – with your mind disengaging from your thoughts, worries and replays of the day’s events – as if you didn’t have a care in the world. As if night after night you are enjoying the most relaxing vacation of your life.

I’m Naomi Whittel, a New York Times bestselling author and health advocate with an insatiable curiosity for the healing power of nature. I have spent the past two decades traveling the globe to find the most potent and effective natural health solutions available. My friend, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, has called me a “wellness warrior” because of the impact I have in bringing health secrets from around the world to people like you.

Please keep reading, because I would like to tell you about a safe, natural and very effective solution that can help you enjoy restful, satisfying sleep night after night, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

And it starts with understanding…

The Two Reasons Why Getting Restful Sleep Becomes More Difficult with Age

The first essential element of getting consistent nights of restful sleep is to maintain healthy levels of melatonin.

Melatonin is often referred to as the “sleep hormone” because it is produced by the pineal gland in your brain and secreted according to your circadian sleep-wake cycle.

Daylight suppresses melatonin synthesis. But, at night, melatonin is released in plentiful amounts with peak levels coming in the hours after midnight.

Clinical research shows that nighttime melatonin levels in your brain are at least ten times greater than daytime concentrations. So when this process is functioning optimally, your body is flooded with it during your sleeping hours.*

But as we age, it’s very common for nature to throw a wrench in the sleep process, making it difficult to fall asleep and to stay asleep throughout the night.

You see, your melatonin production actually peaks when you are very young, around the age of 5, when you could sleep anytime and anywhere. But your melatonin production slowly declines over time, to the point that by the time you reach age 60, you could have as little as 20% of the melatonin levels you enjoyed in your youth. Plus, many common drugs and over-the-counter medications can further inhibit melatonin synthesis.*

As your levels dwindle, so can your prospects for dependable, restful sleep.

The good news is that numerous compelling studies, including a groundbreaking study conducted at MIT show that supplementing with melatonin can quickly restore normal sleep.*

However, and this is vitally important, to restore your ability to sleep soundly through the night, you absolutely must be sure that you’re taking the right kind of melatonin.

Which leads me to…

The Frustrating Flaw with Typical Melatonin Supplements

If you have taken melatonin in the past with little success, this is essential information you need to know. 

Typical melatonin supplements—the kind that are widely available in nearly every grocery and discount store—peak in your body 3-4 hours after you take them. Sure, they may help you fall asleep. But after a few hours, you find yourself wide awake, tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling, desperately trying to get back to sleep.

The result: You wake up feeling no more rested than you did without taking the melatonin!

The key is to look for a supplement that includes delayed-release melatonin. This way, rather than having all the melatonin enter your bloodstream right after you take it, you get a steady supply of melatonin throughout the entire night, and you won’t find yourself wide awake at 3 a.m.

Scientific Proof that Delayed-Release Melatonin Really Works

In a breakthrough study, adults over 55 who were given delayed-release melatonin before bedtime reported significant improvement in their sleep quality along with greater morning alertness.*

Best of all, this form of melatonin doesn’t leave you groggy the next morning, so you can take it every night as a long-term solution.

A nightly dose of delayed-release melatonin helped another group of older adults fall asleep faster, enjoy better sleep quality and feel brighter in the morning over the entire course of a six-month study.* 

And this extra daily melatonin can be downright good for you. Multiple studies show that it provides significant cardiovascular, neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory support.*** 

The bottom line – melatonin is a healthy, natural, science-backed solution. And taking delayed-release melatonin can help you sleep through the night, perhaps better than you have in years.

But to enjoy a full night of restful sleep, you must first…

Calm Your Racing Mind So You Can Quickly and Gently Fall Asleep

The second essential element of consistent, restful sleep is to be able to get your mind to wind down at the end of a stressful day.

Your brain naturally produces an amino acid called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA for short. This neurotransmitter works as a calming agent, allowing your mind to disengage from the wakeful state and enter into the sleeping state.

In a Harvard Medical School study, scientists found that people with chronic sleep problems had 30% lower levels of GABA on average than normal.*

When your overtired mind isn’t bathed in the healthy levels of GABA needed to promote relaxation, your racing thoughts can leave you tossing and turning fighting for sleep.*

This Special Form of GABA Helps Ease Your Bedtime Anxiety

While synthetic GABA supplements are widely available, GABA in synthetic form isn’t easily absorbed and doesn’t provide much help at all.

But a new form of natural GABA has been scientifically shown to promote calmness and relaxation while decreasing the beta-wave brain activity linked with nervousness and anxiety.*

In a 7-day study, natural GABA reduced the time it took patients to fall asleep and increased sleep quality and efficiency (the amount of time asleep while in bed). Participants also reported improvements in the way they felt upon waking.*  

In a second 4-week study with elderly adults, participants reported improved sleep and less drowsiness in the morning.*

What’s more, natural GABA is quickly absorbed. It begins promoting the relaxation response within 5 to 30 minutes after ingestion – helping you fall asleep faster.*

A Superior Natural Sleep Solution

In a recent survey of my readers, sleep issues came up as one of their chief concerns. So, I went to work with my network of scientific experts and consulting doctors to develop a natural sleep formula to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

And it was absolutely essential that this formula be safe to take night after night if needed, be non-habit forming and have no unwanted side effects – especially the morning grogginess so common with other widely available sleep aids.

And when I dove into the compelling research on melatonin and natural GABA, I knew I could provide a better solution for problem sleepers.

It’s called SleepAdaptTM and combines regular melatonin and natural PharmaGABA® to help you fall asleep quickly and easily with delayed-release melatonin to help you stay asleep and get back to sleep easily even after a nighttime trip to the bathroom.

So, if you, or somebody you love, is suffering with sleep issues, I urge you to give this amazing new formula a try.

6 Reasons Why SleepAdapt Is a Superior Sleep Solution

1. Research-based doses: SleepAdapt gives you research-based doses of the two top non-habit-forming nutrients which promote restful sleep – melatonin and GABA.

2. Dual-action melatonin: SleepAdapt features a total of 3 mg of dual-action melatoninYou get 1.5 mg of regular melatonin to help you fall asleep quickly plus 1.5 mg of delayed-release melatonin to help you stay asleep. The key is taking both forms of melatonin together shortly before bedtime. 

3. Natural PharmaGABA: SleepAdapt features 125 mg of natural PharmaGABA in every capsule. That’s the full amount of this fast-calming compound used in the studies I cited above. This natural form of GABA has been clinically shown to be highly effective.

4. Safe to use nightly: Unlike many other popular sleep aids, SleepAdapt is safe to use night after night. It’s non-habit forming and produces no unwanted side effects, so you can fall asleep fast, stay asleep throughout the night and wake up feeling refreshed – without any morning grogginess.

5. Quality and Convenience:SleepAdapt combines the two forms of pure, premium-grade melatonin with natural PharmaGABA in one easy-to-swallow capsule. It’s made in a FDA-inspected facility here in the U.S. to meet or exceed stringent USP standards for quality, purity and potency.

6. It’s Affordable: SleepAdapt costs as little as $25 per bottle containing a full month’s supply. That’s a small price to pay for this state-of-the-art formula that will help you get the restful, rejuvenating sleep you need.

SleepAdapt is Risk Free:If it doesn’t help you get a full night of restful sleep, night after night, I’ll gladly send you a full refund – up to one year after purchase. That way you can try it without risk!

SleepAdapt Begins Working Quickly — Often the Very First Night You Take It

With many supplements, it can take weeks, or even months before they build up in your system and become fully effective.

But with SleepAdapt, you can start reaping the benefits of restful sleep immediately. Many of my readers tell me that it worked for them the VERY FIRST NIGHT they tried it – gently helping them to relax and fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.

No more racing thoughts, no more tossing and turning and no more frustrating nights staring at the ceiling wondering why you can’t fall asleep.

Instead, you’ll enjoy a full night of restful sleep leaving you refreshed in the morning ready to tackle a new day.  

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