The Antioxidant That’s 6,000 Times More Powerful Than Vitamin C

Just a small amount is clinically proven to relieve joint pain and muscle soreness, boost memory, recharge your energy and provides a stronger immune system.

If you were to create a Mount Rushmore of all-time great health-boosting free-radical-fighting antioxidants, the first three “faces” would be easy to identify.

Of course, you would include our timeless favorite vitamin C (to fight off colds and seasonal allergies), CoQ10 (for heart health and energy), and turmeric (to combat harmful inflammation body-wide).

But selecting a fourth and final member for this elite club, with so many worthy candidates to choose from such as green tea (ECGC), vitamin E, beta carotene, resveratrol and berberine, has been a much harder task…

…until now!

Recently, an extremely powerful antioxidant has emerged as the all-around superstar for providing whole body support that many health-conscious people aren’t even familiar with. From better memory and stamina to healthier joints and skin—its benefits are so wide reaching that in many ways it can be considered the most potent antioxidant of them all.

By one very important metric, this amazing nutrient is 800x more powerful than CoQ10 and a whopping 6,000x more powerful than vitamin C.

More about these extraordinary scientific results in a moment, but first I want you to meet…

The Antioxidant That Makes
Everything You Do… Better

I’m Naomi Whittel, a New York Times bestselling author and health advocate with an insatiable curiosity for the healing power of nature. I have spent the past two decades traveling the world to find the most potent and effective natural health solutions available. My friend Dr. Sanjay Gupta has called me a “wellness warrior” because of the impact I have had in bringing you health secrets from around the world.

We’ve known for a while now that antioxidants are our most effective weapon against the cell-damaging free radicals that cause oxidation and inflammation throughout our bodies. Free radicals literally accelerate the aging process, making way too many of us feel “old” and tired during what should be the best years of our lives.

But in recent years, groundbreaking research has shown astaxanthin (pronounced asta-zan-thin), a rare, deep red-colored carotenoid found in microalgae, is perhaps the most powerful antioxidant available in nature.

Microalgae has a remarkable history, having survived and thrived on earth for over a billion years. It has made life on earth possible as a key factor in replenishing our oxygen supply by interacting with sunlight in the process of photosynthesis.

Yet, ironically, it is this same combination of oxygen and sunlight, which we need to live, that can also cause the oxidation that is at the core of so many of the age-related health problems, and against which astaxanthin is proving to be such a powerful force in combatting.

Astaxanthin has been the subject of over 1500 peer-reviewed studies that show it provides an extraordinarily wide-array of health benefits for your muscles, joints, heart, brain, eyes, skin and our overall energy and vitality.

Please keep reading, because today you’re going learn how you can become a healthier version of yourself with renewed energy, more stamina, fewer aches and pains, healthier cardiovascular function, better mental focus and a stronger immune system.

In short, it can help you do all the things you love to do, BETTER!

The Remarkable Ability to Keep Your Body from “Rusting Out”

Unlike most water-soluble antioxidants, which simply circulate throughout your bloodstream, astaxanthin is fat-soluble, which means it has the remarkable ability to actually integrate itself into every cell, tissue and organ in your body where it can neutralize health-robbing free radicals.

And it is especially effective at combatting a particularly damaging form of free radical oxidation called singlet oxygen.

To live, each of us relies on the oxygen we receive from the 25,000 or so breaths we take each day. But our oxygen-rich world carries the inevitable risk of oxidative stress, because over time, oxygen, when combined with sunlight, damages all organic matter.

Think of a nail that is exposed to the outdoor elements. At first the nail is smooth and shiny but, as the years go by, oxidation causes it to rust more and more until it eventually becomes rough and brittle.

Astaxanthin is the best antioxidant on earth at neutralizing the “rusting out” that results from this singlet oxygen oxidation process, and it is dramatically more powerful in this regard than other potent antioxidants.[1]

  • 100x stronger than vitamin E
  • 550x stronger than green tea (ECGC)
  • 800x stronger than CoQ10
  • 6,000x stronger than vitamin C

I’ve been researching antioxidants for over two decades, and I can tell you first-hand that I’ve never seen test results as decisive as these before.

And these incredible research findings have translated into a wide range of scientifically demonstrated health benefits in human studies including the ability for astaxanthin to:

  • Neutralize free radicals, reduce DNA damage and fight aging[2-4]
  • Promote a normal inflammatory response body-wide[3,5]
  • Improve muscle endurance and exercise performance[6-8]
  • Reduce joint pain and support healthy, flexible joints[9]
  • Support healthy circulation and overall cardiovascular health[10,11]
  • Help your brain and nervous system function optimally[12,13]
  • Relieve eye strain and fatigue, and support near and far vision[14,15]
  • Promote a healthy and properly functioning immune system[26]
  • Protect skin against UV damage, dryness, and premature wrinkles[16,17]

Simply put…

Astaxanthin Makes It Easier to Stay Active and Healthy!

This may seem like a “no brainer,” but research has shown that higher levels of physical activity are correlated with a longer lifespan and healthier old age.[18]

Being active—whether it’s walking, lifting weights at the gym or keeping up with your kids or grandkids—helps our bodies detoxify and strengthens our immune system. And indeed, there is evidence that exercise has a measurable anti-aging effect on our cells.[19]

And today, incredibly convincing evidence indicates that astaxanthin can increase your strength and stamina, and help you exercise longer and feel less sore afterwards—and without any side effects.

Amazing Results in this Gold-Standard Clinical Research

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated how astaxanthin can help you stay active, exercise longer, feel less sore afterwards, and even burn fat more effectively

Here’s just a small sampling of the incredible results:

  • Astaxanthin has been shown to help deliver oxygen and energy to the muscle cells that need it during exercise.[4,20]
  • Astaxanthin reduced levels of lactic acid (the metabolite that causes muscle fatigue during exercise by 28.6%.[8]
  • Astaxanthin increased muscle endurance in men, enabling them to perform 62% more knee bends while carrying a 90-pound weight![7]
  • Astaxanthin improved the cycling performance of competitive male endurance cyclists, shaving two minutes off their time in a 20-kilometer trial![6]
  • Astaxanthin even helped increase fat burn during exercise. Daily doses of 12 mg of astaxanthin resulted in a significant reduction in body fat %.[21]

So whether you are getting ready to run a marathon, a “weekend warrior,” want to enjoy daily walks or just spend quality time with the kids and grandkids doing fun activities, astaxanthin can help!