High Fiber Keto Digital Course



Based on the most current, cutting edge science and expert advice from leaders in the keto field and based on Naomi Whittel’s upcoming new book, High Fiber Keto, the High Fiber Keto course walks you step-by-step in successfully implementing the latest and most effective keto diet today. In this course, you will learn how to prepare your kitchen and your mindset, how to implement High Fiber Keto each day while avoiding some of the most common keto pitfalls and most importantly, how to personalize High Fiber Keto for your unique body and truly make it a lasting lifestyle.

This 5-week digital course is divided into 3 modules. You’ll get 1 week of preparation, followed by Naomi’s 22-Day High Fiber Keto program with a meal plan and a final week of transition education. Along the way, Naomi breaks down all of the science so you can really understand the why behind high fiber foods, the health benefits of keto and the importance of integrating movement into daily living.

Naomi is so excited for you to join her on this journey and experience the incredible results that other women have experienced with this program!



Advice From Naomi