How To Increase Metabolism With A High Fiber Keto Diet


Many women ask me questions about how to boost metabolism or how to increase metabolism. Before we get to my tips, let’s take a step back and define metabolism.

When we think of metabolism, we are usually thinking of calorie-burning metabolism – how we take food and turn it into energy for our body. I’ve come to think about metabolism in much broader terms and now consider whole-body metabolism, which includes hormonal metabolism, immune system metabolism, brain metabolism, digestion and all of the chemical processes that happen in the body every second of every day. This broader definition has allowed me to seek optimal wellness in all areas of health, and not just simply focus on weight as the only measure of metabolic function.

That said, weight is still a main concern for many women in my community, and I truly believe that we can address weight by supporting whole-body metabolism. You might be looking for a metabolism booster and High Fiber Keto can do just that!

Let’s dive into some of the specifics, starting with food.

Metabolism Boosting Foods:

  • MCT oil: MCT oil is a wonderful fat that can easily be added to hot beverages, smoothies or dips in order to rev up metabolism and support a keto diet and ketosis. MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, are very unique fats that aren’t stored by the body but rather used as fuel. They are particularly helpful for increasing energy, feeling full and boosting brain function. MCTs are also helpful for weight loss (2).
  • High-fiber veggies: Fiber has many metabolic benefits. It helps to balance and support the microbiome, lower cholesterol, helps with the feeling of fullness and satisfaction, supports the metabolism of estrogen and other hormones, helps with regularity and more. One challenge of a typical keto diet is meeting fiber needs, while still staying low enough in carbohydrates to support ketosis. High Fiber Keto provides the benefits of fiber along with the benefits of keto, which is the best combination for metabolic support.

Some examples of high-fiber foods I love include asparagus, artichoke, collard greens, onions, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, broccoli, cauliflower, burdock root, chicory root, and zucchini.

Metabolism Boosting Supplements:

  • Probiotics: The health of the microbiome is linked to the health of one’s metabolism as a whole. A happy gut means a healthy body and a happy brain. I typically think of a probiotic supplement, along with fermented foods, as a foundation of my High Fiber Keto approach.
  • Electrolytes: Electrolytes are so important for fully utilizing the metabolic power of a keto diet and especially important during the big metabolic transition from sugar-burner to fat-burner during the first 3 weeks of a keto diet. Along with adding salt to food, an electrolyte supplement can be incredibly supportive.
  • Digestive Enzymes: Metabolism that occurs in the digestive system is critical for drawing the nutrients out of foods you eat, absorbing them into your body, and delivering them to the necessary cells. Whether you need help adjusting to a high-fat diet or just some extra digestive support, digestive enzymes are a gentle way to support metabolism from the start.
  • Multi Autophagy: Exposure to daily toxins can certainly bog down metabolic function and supporting detoxification naturally is one of my go-to strategies for improving my metabolic advantage. This formula contains chlorella, broccoli extract, magnesium and a host of other compounds for targeted liver and total body detoxification support. In addition, green tea extract and wasabi can boost energy metabolism.

By increasing your metabolism from every aspect possible, especially alongside the High Fiber Keto lifestyle, we can bring our bodies to their full potential. That may include weight loss, increased energy, and a well-functioning gut, amongst other benefits.

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