Naomi's Top Beauty Gifts of 2022


Let’s talk about this season’s top health and beauty gifts! I know what it means to be a busy woman who prioritizes not only her health, wellness, and beauty but the health and wellness of those she loves. That’s why it fills me with joy to help you get the maximum return out of the investment you make in your health, and why I strive to bring you only the best, purest health and beauty products.  

Now, I know firsthand how our health needs evolve as we progress through the chapters of our lives. And while our health priorities may change, I believe that achieving true health should not only be easy, natural, affordable, and accessible but also unlock our inner beauty, allowing our confidence and skin to truly glow. This glow is something I’ve termed WellBeauty, because what we take into our bodies is reflected in our outward appearance—our beauty.

So, this holiday season, I want to share with you my favorite wellness and beauty products that not only help you glow from the inside-out but also make amazing health and beauty gifts for those you love! You can actually give the gift of WellBeauty … because beauty truly begins on the inside.

Naomi’s Top Natural Beauty Gifts

Are you ready to glow with healthy beauty from the inside-out, or are you looking for unique beauty gifts for someone in your life? If so, check out my top healthy beauty gifts that you’re guaranteed to love for yourself and will also want to share with others this holiday season.


1. NAOMI Keratin

Keratin supplement - Naomiw

My absolutely favorite beauty secret for absolutely beautiful hair comes in a bottle—and it’s one of the best beauty gifts of 2022: NAOMI Keratin. So, what makes this supplement one of the top beauty gifts for her? As women, we tend to assign a certain amount of our identity to our hair. But throughout our lives, we tend to experience hair thinning and loss—after childbirth, during menopause, and due to certain health conditions. And it can leave us lacking confidence and feeling “less” than we did before.

I not only use NAOMI Keratin every day to reduce shedding and support fuller, stronger, shinier hair, but I also encourage the women in my lives to follow suit so they can also experience the radiant confidence that comes with having a full head of thick, beautiful hair. I believe that the best beauty gifts are those we’ve tried ourselves and give to others because of how much we love the results we’ve personally experienced. For me, that’s why NAOMI Keratin is one of the ultimate beauty gifts of the season.


2. OMI Skin Nutrition Renew Stay Firm Day Cream

Firming face cream - Naomiw

Featuring a dual-action benefit, OMI Skin Nutrition Renew Stay Firm Day Cream is the absolute must-have moisturizer to help wake up dull, tired-looking skin. Infused with superfruits that boost cellular activity as well as collagen to support your body’s natural production of skin-firming proteins, this autophagy-activating day cream not only hydrates your skin but also lifts, brightens, and helps to visibly reduce fine lines while fighting the toxins known to age you. Plus, it dries with a matte finish, making it a great moisturizer to wear under makeup! It’s easy to see why this amazing day cream made my top list of beauty gifts.


3. NAOMI Organic Resveratrol

Resveratrol supplement - Naomiw

If you’re looking for one of the top natural beauty gifts that not only promotes glowing skin also supports your health in a variety of ways, look no further than NAOMI Organic Resveratrol. I use this incredible supplement daily to support the health of my skin, heart, and gut.

Featuring a proprietary formula that contains the amazing polyphenol at the heart of the famous “French Paradox,” NAOMI Organic Resveratrol has been shown to support immune health and also redce the appearance of blemishes by about 55 percent.


 4. OMI WellBeauty Skin Multivitamin

Women's multivitamin - Naomiw

Even the healthiest diet is bound to experience nutritional gaps from time to time. That’s why I recommend supplementing with the best vitamins to ensure you’re supporting your overall health. But because I believe our beauty is the reflection of our internal state of health, I suggest taking a multivitamin that not only benefits your internal health but also is specially formulated to provide optimal benefits for your skin.

OMI WellBeauty Skin Multivitamin features plant-based ingredients not typically found in traditional multivitamins. From immune-supporting non-acidic vitamin C that’s easy to digest to a clinically-researched antioxidant blend that targets oxidative stress, this incredible vitamin and mineral complex helps to support skin elasticity and firmness as well as healthy hair and nails. Given its far-reaching benefits, whether you’re interested in finding the best small beauty gifts for yourself or for someone you love, you can’t go wrong with this multipurpose multivitamin!


5. OMI Build & Protect WellBeauty Collagen

Collagen suppelement - Naomiw

Collagen is a must-have supplement in my daily beauty routine because this long-chain amino acid is the most abundant protein in the human body that not only supports your joints, brain, and digestive system but also functions as the glue that keeps your skin strong and elastic.

OMI Build & Protect WellBeauty Collagen is my favorite collagen on the market because it features Verisol® collagen peptides, a patented collagen shown to boost skin collagen by 65 percent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 32 percent! Plus, it features hyaluronic acid to help plump and hydrate your skin. So, if you’re looking for unique beauty gifts for the women in your life who are equally concerned about aging joints and maintaining a youthful appearance, this could be the ultimate find!


6. Simply GoodFats Organic MCT Oil

MCT oil - Naomiw

While you may be surprised to see MCT oil in my list of top natural beauty gifts, it’s important to remember that MCT oil is filled with essential fatty acids known to promote both hair and skin health. In fact, MCT oil is the healthiest oil on earth, making it an excellent source of healthy fats that not only support healthy beauty but also enhances mental focus, supercharges fat loss, and so much more. These are just some of the many reasons I use MCT oil every day as part of my health and beauty regimen—and why I recommend it as one of the more unique beauty gifts in this list.


7. Roseward Silk Pillow Case

Silk pillow case - Naomiw

If you’re looking for small beauty gifts that your recipient can use over and over, consider giving the gift of a Roseward silk pillow case. Why this pillow case? Not only is it made of 100-percent natural mulberry silk, which is naturally hypoallergenic and cooling, but it’s also been shown to help reduce hair frizz and tangles as well as skin blemishes! Plus, it arrives in a luxury gift box with a 180-day guarantee, making it one of the ideal beauty gifts of the season for those wanting to wake up with beautiful hair and skin.


8. LARQ Water Bottle

Water bottle - Naomiw

As I shared recently, we lose about a liter of water during sleep each night, making rehydration absolutely critical. One of my favorite more recent finds that warrants a spot on my top beauty gifts list is the LARQ water bottle. It keeps water cool for up to 12 hours while featuring a sleek yet durable design. Plus, it comes in two sizes (17 and 25 ounces), so you can grab the one that best suits your needs. And if you want to take your water bottle to the next level, LARQ also offers a self-cleaning option that neutralizes the bacteria in your water in just 60 seconds with the simple touch of a button!


9. Face Cupping Set

Face cups - Naomiw

I want to let you in on another one of my favorite beauty secrets that can make great beauty gifts for her: face cups! Each week, I perform facial cupping to promote blood flow and collagen production on my face, which is known to help brighten the skin while also fight fine lines and wrinkles and even help to tone/sculpt your face. Some research has even shown that face cupping can help to fight acne and eczema!

Honestly, any face cup would work well, but I love this cupping therapy set because it features multiple sizes for different areas of your face and even comes with a cleansing brush to help prime your skin.


10. Herbivore Jade De-Puffing Face Roller

Jade face roller - Naomiw

As part of the lymphatic massage I perform on my face and neck each morning, I use a jade face roller to help reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines. Not only does it promote detoxification by helping to stimulate my lymphatic system, but the jade mineral is also known to provide a calming, soothing effect, which I find comforting before I start my day.

The Herbivore Jade De-Puffing Face Roller is an Allure Best of Beauty winner and a quality product you’ll want to take with you wherever you go. It makes a great unique stocking stuffer or if you’re interested in creating customized beauty gift sets for those you love, you can combine this jade face roller with OMI Skin Nutrition Renew Stay Firm Day Cream like I do!

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