The GoodFats Family Comfort Casserole


That’s why I think you’ll really appreciate this recipe and I trust that with the delicious comfort of this casserole, your kids will too!

If you’re familiar with my book Glow15, you know that I emphasize good fats at every meal. The coconut oil, avocado, and cheese in this casserole provide a variety of good fats to fuel your metabolism and keep you satiated with calm, stable energy. Protein-rich eggs and grass-fed beef offer omega-3 fatty acids, something you won’t get in conventional, grain-fed beef. The vegetables, herbs, and spices supply a healthy dose of antioxidant-rich polyphenols. The beans provide soluble fiber, wonderful for keeping your microbiome happy as well as a source of carbohydrates to help relax your nervous system at the end of a long day. My Fat First approach is perfect for a good night’s rest that will allow your kids to start the morning fresh — exactly what your kids need! If you want more carbohydrates, quinoa or black rice is an excellent whole grain addition to this meal.


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