Peppermint Mocha MCT Coffee Recipe 


One of my favorite ways to enjoy MCT oil is in a cup of coffee. 

Now, I much prefer to make my own coffee drinks at home, but it did take me some time to get used to the routine of it. Sometimes, I still pack my own coffee in a reusable cup and take it with me running errands. I also love to invite my girlfriends over to my house for a coffee date so I can show off my favorite coffee recipes. 

You can easily make MCT coffee at home too and my guess is that you’ll come to like this ritual as much as I do. 

My Peppermint Mocha recipe is a favorite of the season, and not only highlights the creamy luxury of MCT oil creamer but offers some fiber from the cacao and fresh mint that fits into my High Fiber Keto lifestyle in addition. It’s truly a win-win and so delicious!

Peppermint MCT Oil Mocha

Makes 1 serving


6 ounces brewed strong hot coffee 
4 ounces full fat coconut milk or heavy cream
2 tablespoons Simply GOODFATS Coco Booster Coffee Creamer
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
3-4 fresh peppermint leaves or 2 drops food-grade peppermint oil or extract
Pinch of monk fruit sweetener, or more to taste (optional)
1 scoop collagen protein (optional)


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until thoroughly mixed. Please be careful of blending hot liquids in the blender and hold a dish towel over the top while blending to make sure the lid doesn’t lift up. Alternatively, use an immersion blender. Reheat as necessary. 

Nutrition Facts: (serving size: 1 Mocha) Calories: 390 Fat: 34 g, Protein: 11g, Fiber: 5g, Carb: 11g, Net Carb: 6g

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