One of My Favorite Rituals: Dry Brushing


I begin each day by brushing

I am not talking about brushing teeth or hair, the brush I begin my day with is a dry brush.  I use it in the morning right after I wake up and before I exercise. I believe it activates my lymphatic system and invigorates the skin, allowing my skin to sweat effectively while I work out and get rid of toxins. I begin brushing on the sides of my rib cage, move toward my heart, then up to my neck.

There are so many benefits with dry brushing

Brushing the skin while it is dry allows you to exfoliate and increase blood circulation without depleting moisture, as hot water in the shower can.

This ancient technique delivers many other benefits too. It promotes overall wellness by helping your body get rid of waste and toxins that would otherwise inhibit it from functioning at its very best.

Lightly rubbing these soft bristles over the skin sloughs off any dead skin cells, revealing supple skin and allowing for better absorption of moisturizer. Pores are generally clogged with sweat, dirt, and oil, causing waste to build up underneath the skin. Dry brushing helps keep pores clear allowing you to sweat freely, and your body to naturally detoxify to the best of its ability.

But dry brushing doesn’t just help clear a way for your body to get rid of waste, it encourages waste to leave your body faster. The process has shown to increase circulation and blood flow, promoting healthier skin and cell growth. Your body’s lymphatic system is responsible for clearing toxins and waste from your body by moving lymph fluid to the lymph nodes. The light pressure of dry brushing stimulates this process, assisting in your body’s natural detoxification.

Find the right dry brush and get started

Choose a dry brush with firm, natural bristles… If you have sensitive skin, go for a brush with softer bristles. One of my favorites is Mio Dry Brush or this one by The Body Shop

There’s no need to apply too much pressure it should feel like a gentle exfoliation. Your skin may be a little pink, but if it is turning very red, apply less pressure or opt for a softer bristle brush.

Starting with the sole of your foot use long, light strokes. Brush each section of skin about 10 times in a brisk motion. Move from your foot to your ankle, shin, calf, and knee. You always want to brush towards your heart. Do the same on the other foot and lower leg.

Then brush upward on your thighs. Skip your genital region as the skin in this area is sensitive. When you get to your stomach, brush in a circular motion.  Then move to your arms, starting with your palm, brushing inward towards your heart. Gently brush your chest in a circular motion, avoiding the breasts. Brush your neck starting with the back, motioning towards the front, avoiding your face. Then, brush your back in a circular motion using the handle. And that’s it!

After brushing exercise if you have time, and then hop in the shower and be sure to finish with lotion.  You’ve opened up all your pores so whatever product you apply in the shower and afterward will be most effective.

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