Low On Energy? Check Your CoQ10 Levels.


In part 2 of our Aging Well Series, we explored the importance of heart health for women and the cardio-boosting polyphenols that no woman, especially women over 50, should be without.

While plant-based antioxidants such as polyphenols can give your heart health an advantage, there’s one crucial antioxidant you don’t want to run low on, especially if you experience muscle fatigue, aches or take certain medications such as cholesterol-lowering statins.

The antioxidant your cells can’t live without

Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10) is a nutrient that’s “essential for the health of virtually all human tissues and organs” and is “one of the most significant lipid antioxidants”, according to researchers.[*]

Found inside the mitochondria, your body’s energy-producing power plants, CoQ10 fires them up to help carry out normal, metabolic functions, such as cellular division and repair. And with an estimated 30 trillion cells in your body, demand for CoQ10 remains high 24/7.

Not only does CoQ10 create cellular energy, it also helps protect DNA from oxidative stress and toxins that can alter its makeup and lead to age-related health problems.

CoQ10 is a nutrient you want in surplus. When demand exceeds supply—you feel it in the form of everyday discomforts, including fatigue, muscle weakness, headaches and achy joints. 

Aging and statins can sap CoQ10

If you’re over 50 and have heart health concerns, you’re at increased risk for CoQ10 depletion.

Your body's natural ability to produce CoQ10 declines as you age, and by age 70, your natural CoQ10 levels can drop by as much as 50%.[*]

The Mayo Clinic reports that CoQ10 deficiency is even higher in adults with cardiovascular issues and in those who take cholesterol-lowering statins—not surprising since CoQ10 is highly concentrated in your heart.  Certain blood-sugar control medications can also deplete CoQ10.[*]

Scientists have also discovered that CoQ10 deficiencies are common in individuals with memory loss.[*] Because CoQ10 helps combat DNA modifications to proteins and fats caused by free radicals, maintaining healthy cognition as you age relies on its steady supply.

Replenish CoQ10 to fight fatigue and everyday aches and pains

Don’t let energy slumps and achiness slow you down. The good news is these common discomforts can be addressed with daily CoQ10 supplementation.

Liposomal coenzyme-Q10 is regarded as the gold standard of CoQ10 supplementation because it delivers this essential nutrient in the form of ubiquinol, scientifically shown to be highly absorbable, bioavailable and able to withstand the gut’s harsh environment.

Liposomal coenzyme-Q10 is lipid-based…just like naturally occurring CoQ10. Blended with plant-based, non-GMO sunflower lecithin, it’s easily carried to cells where it can deliver optimal benefits to your muscles, heart and brain while boosting energy and stamina.  

CoQ10 has also been shown to help reduce triglycerides and balance blood pressure.**

Many conventional CoQ10 supplements use low-quality forms of the nutrient. But you can trust NAOMI Advanced CoQ10 to deliver a healthy, daily 200 mg dose of liposomal coenzyme-Q10. It’s so potent, all you need is one daily capsule to help replenish the CoQ10 stores your body depends on for healthy heart function and cognition, and to help reduce everyday aches and fatigue.

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